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self directed I.r.a.s


Self directed Individual Retirement Accounts have been around and authorized by the government since 1974. It was a little known rule that has taken decades to come into mainstream use.

A self directed IRA will give you the ability to invest across a wide variety of assets and investment classes. These can be in addition to your 401K and financial plans.

A self directed individual retirement account allows for you to take your 401k or investment funds and literally direct them through a custodian. The IRS  requires you to have a custodian in order to avoid fines from the Internal Revenue Service.

There are some simple rules to follow but it will allow you to invest in a huge variety of asset classes and many times become far more financially savvy than the next guy through flipping houses and any number of other investment tools.   

In today’s world the media and various special interest groups including financial, insurance and investment mediums have many talking heads which are regularly bombarding us on a consistent basis with content skewed towards their own benefit. brokers providing stock trade tips, penny stock charades and more. Self directed accounts far more opportunity with no cost trading platforms and much more. Now do not get me wrong there are certainly many beneficial banks, securities dealers and financial and investment planning firms along with many sources from the internet and TV.

You will need to do your due diligence and investigate deeply any of the investment products you choose but will typically find far greater than the markets when you have developed in your self directed niche.. If you would like more information on this topic or custodians feel free to reach us below. 

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