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The401Kman's Benefits Line

We offer many types of insurance from health to life insurance, Medicare and supplemental plans as well. We have something for everyone from adolescents to seniors and employee benefit solutions as well.

We know its confusing nowadays trying to navigate all the types of health plans out there today. That is why we started The401K Man's Benefits Line a free service to provide you a live licensed insurance agent to help you. The national 401Kman's benefits line & insurance marketplace number for individuals and small employers is 888-389-4598 We provide live licensed agents with multiple carrier and plans to give you the best choices as well as help you select from all the many options. We also offer Health Share plans which are not insurance but affordable alone packages of benefits as well.



Do you have old or new life insurance? Not sure? It is relatively simple answer, New life insurance will build up a cash value for you to use when you need to fund expenses and more. It is like being your own bank, why pay interest when you don't have to? Old insurance does none of those things.

We offer a wide range of insurance products to choose from Life, Health, Senior Final Expense, voluntary benefits plans and other insurance products to choose from.

If you are an individual seeking a health insurance plan anywhere in the U.S. simply call The401Kman's Benefits Marketplace toll free at 888-389-4598 to speak to a live agent licensed in your area.

Business owners and H.R. personnel seeking group benefit plans can speak to a broker by calling 877-775-0812 and asking for the Group brokers side or click here to submit a group form detailing the group size or requested plan. 

Online Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important steps a person can take to help his families future. Often times insurance is not presented as the fantastic financial growth tool that it can be when it is used properly.

There are many types of life insurance to choose from nowadays but sadly not much useful information to help with explaining the benefits life insurance can make towards wealth building and retirement savings. 

Term, Whole, Universal and other names all have significant differences even though they are all life insurance. The cheapest price is typically what you will see first and is really the worst way to determine a good policy. 

We offer a online service which allows you to order insurance from the comfort of your home and still save significantly on cost. We also offer video consultations one on one with experts whom are highly skilled in the nuances that matter between types of insurance, coverage and carriers.

Fill out the Email request below to learn about the many different types of coverage available. Don't you think it's worth it to learn how you can you have all your money back and maybe double it during your lifetime of paying insurance premiums? 

Health insurance

​We all know health insurance is not only expensive but confusing at times to choose from. We offer a wide selection of plans to choose from all the major carriers available across the United States. 

Simply call the 401Kmans toll free benefits line at 888-389-4598 to speak with a licensed insurance agent. Or click the button below to go to health sharing page and learn about the affordable non insurance cost & benefit sharing ministry plans available. 

Private Pension Planning

If you had the ability to remove the risk from your retirement planning and business would you be interested? 

I would like to introduce to you a Private Pension Plan, which is a unique retirement program for business owners. Most business owners are familiar with 401K plans or basic pensions. The Private Pension Plans are I.R.S. approved retirement plans that have been around for over four decades and are relatively unknown by those who could use them the most, the business owner who maybe planning to retire, sell the business or looking to pass on the reins while nearing their retirement. Contact us via E-mail using the box below for an agent who can provide a wide variety of solutions to reach you and see if you qualify for the private pension planning services. 

Request a free guide, gift or followup call from an adviser through filling out the form below