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Long term care insurance

If you have been refused coverage in the past for a long term policy there are now many new options to help provide you care. These are vastly different than what was offered not that long ago and was both costly and difficult to obtain.

What many people don't initially know about long term care is that it comes in many plans and varieties.

Strategic planning now can potentially allow you to more than double the amount of savings you currently have now or get it all back with interest if it were not to be used towards a long term care policy.

The new types of policies that are available for Long Term Care can significantly optimize your savings, gifting and more in most circumstances.

These circumstances vary greatly from state to state but can be a significant boost to your assets if used or not. There are far to many different variables to explain here with these policies and obtaining coverage. The best steps to take would be scheduling an appointment with one of the long term care experts here at The 401k Man

We have multiple carriers, plans and solutions available including some that could potentially multiply your asset value three, four or five times if the proper planning is implemented early enough.

Of course everyone wants to live out the last days of your life as comfortably as possible and with as much dignity as possible either at home or in a qualified care facility.

Long term care insurance can help prepare you for the significant financial obligations that may occur when this time of life is upon us. Early preparation can reduce the expense and burden of long-term care on both you and your loved ones.

Long-term care insurance nowadays will pay you for assistance at home or for your assisted living, nursing home care in the event you are unable to care for yourself because of a chronic condition or disability.

One little additional tip here if you are considering a long term care policy explore it thoroughly  by asking if the policy has a non-contingent forfeiture clause or rider. Non contingent forfeiture allows you to keep the policy active and not lose it if you became unable to keep the premiums paid. Unlike auto or home insurance when you stop paying it becomes obsolete, certain types of insurance will keep a monetary value (typically what you have agreed to with the insurer as paid up insurance) available to you. 

Now these plans vary greatly by carrier and company but this is where calling upon the experts at The 401K Man will pay off greatly for you in the long term planning arena. Call us at 877-775-0812 to request more information from our experts.

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