Interested in a successful new career or change?

Are you looking for a new lucrative career or finding a new job field where you will be helping people in the new year? We are experiencing a dramatic growth in the retirement, insurance and financial services fields with both the growing number of retirees and the newly passed SECURE Act for retirees and 401K plan members. We are seeking agents across the U.S.for numerous open territories.

If you would like to be involved in one of the fastest growing sectors of the United States economy please send your resume to us to schedule an interview and learn more. Part time positions are also available.
F.Y.I: The insurance and financial services industry as a whole has been seeing major growth and we are currently seeking good candidates. We offer ongoing training & licensing opportunities available through our retirement, insurance & wealth planning center.

We are looking for people new to the industry (unlicensed) and qualified licensed agents who are seeking to earn a significant income in the financial and insurance services field with a new style of online business model.

Our growth is requiring us to seek out new individuals ready to join our growing team and those searching for a lucrative new career. Due to the many changes in the banking, financial services, insurance industries along with many recently changed laws our company is exploding and is experiencing growth like never before seen in our history. The position is being offered to anyone who can obtain the required licensing and wants a lucrative six figure income.

The job can be performed while working from a computer at an OFFICE OR EVEN AT HOME.


We are a financial services firm and general insurance agency with a series of websites to help people. Our internet businesses are providing an opportunity for you to help people who need insurance, advice or help with retirement planning.
If you are selected for a position you will probably make a six figure income from year one and on. The income possibilities are staggering and are directly related to the time and effort invested by you doing this job.
As an agent here you can focus on many products including Annuities, Major Medical Health Plans, Senior market products including Medicare Advantage plans & Supplemental plans, Long Term Care, Short-Term Med Plans, Final Expense Plans, voluntary benefits plans, as well as all sorts of Term Life Plans and Index Universal Life Plans.
The system we use along with our product lines help make our agents all very successful 12 months a year using the internet platform, We offer a large selection of providers in every category. We can provide someone a lifetime career with a lifetime of financial security when they are selected to work for our firm with our many opportunities.

This position is NOT a job, it is a career that most people only can dream of. you can start part time or break into the marketplace full time after training. So if you feel you are a candidate after reading this ad and the requirements below email us right away with your information.

A newly hired employee will be expected to complete training as we go through the options available. Many of the tools needed are supplied at the company's expense other than initial state licensing so that every broker has the proper education and tools before starting. The training is very comprehensive and is also what is largely responsible for the success achieved by all of our brokers. It is provided by our firm in entirety. It is definitely one of the things that now sets us apart from the old ways that are still being used by many firms. Our system is new and very unique to our industry.

Income is six figures for most from year one. Some of the more driven and motivated brokers make even more staggering incomes from the very beginning. This position is also designed to be able to be, "a work from home position" (if the person that is selected, follows instructions well & decides to do it that way, and most do), and of course it can remain an office position if preferred. It is up to the candidate to decide where they would rather work from. Most of our brokers that get selected do work from home for convenience and economics.

Our online technology being used by our agents to sell insurance is years ahead of what most of the current competitors are using. Our company teaches and provides you a complete system that covers all the areas of the profession that Insurance Agents have been lacking knowledge and support in for years including marketing and branding.
Our Brokers once selected, trained, and then performing at their position, find themselves in a career that provides not only financial security, but a career that is also VERY rewarding personally. If this position STILL interests you, read on to see if you have the credentials to be able to work with us.

1.) Sales experience useful, a definite plus. Must have good organizational, people skills and phone skills. Must have self-discipline and must be good with time management.

2.) Must have a good computer, internet connection & typing skills.

3.) Weekly Training is provided to all agents that are selected. College degree definitely adds to our interest in the candidate but is not mandatory. Experience can compensate in certain situations. We have programs we sometimes use for hiring unlicensed and inexperienced candidates who may qualify.

4.) As with all Insurance Sales positions a Life / Health Insurance license is a state requirement, and if not licensed (as mentioned above) call or email us for information on our discounted training nationwide.

5.) If interested after reading this job description, email us your name, address, and phone number with best time to call from the blue email box below. You will receive a response within 48 hours of us receiving an email inquiry. A phone call and or an email reply from us or both will be received, explaining more about the position.

This job is a career, DEFINITELY NOT just another job, only serious inquiries please. If you are not willing to go through the interviewing process, please do not waste your time or ours. This job is for people who are sincere and are able to commit a minimum of 20 to 40 hours a week. It is a very high income position that requires the proper time be put in weekly and that means, "hard work 5 days a week".

Job Type: Part-time

weekly income potential: $450.00 to $2,500.00 /week

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