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F.S.A. Flexible Spending Accounts

A medical flexible spending account commonly known as a flex acct or flex spending acct (FSA) is a personal expense account that works with an employers’ health plan, allowing an employee to set aside a portion of their salary pretax to pay for qualified medical expenses. An FSA offers you a smart way to save on health care costs and help your employees plan for their health care costs now and pre-retirement while saving money on their taxes at the same time. You as a employer can benefit too, with reduced employee payroll taxes through the government approval as a tax incentive to employers. The list below is a list of medical supplies that can be deducted annually or purchased through the FSA as eligible expenses.

Athletic Braces & Supports


Baby Sunscreen

Baby Thermometers

Breast Pumps & Accessories

Blood Glucose Monitors & Test Strips

Blood Pressure Monitors

Children's First Aid

Children's Sunscreen


Contact Lens Solution

Denture Cream & Cleansers

Diabetes Care Accessories

Eye Glass & Lens Accessories

First Aid Kits

First Aid Treatments & Supplies

Glucosamine Supplements

Glucose Tablets

Hearing Aid Batteries

Home Medical Equipment

Heating Pads & Wraps

Hot & Cold Packs

Incontinence Products

Lip Balm

Medical Monitoring & Testing Devices

Motion Sickness Aids

Nasal Spray

Orthopedic & Surgical Supports

Pregnancy & Fertility Tests

Prenatal Vitamins

Reading Glasses & Magnifiers

Shoe Insoles & Inserts



Vaporizers & Inhalers

Walking Aids

Wheelchairs & Accessories

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